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Last updated : 7-8-2007
  The Brodness Steamer (Photo C. Provenzani)

Gravitazero is a no profit organization. His purposes are the identification, study, scientific research and exploration of Italian and foreigner airplanes, warships and merchant ships sunk in the Mediterranean Sea. Archeological wrecks, under government protection are excluded from Gravitazero purposes.

'R.N. Cesare Rossarol
one mile offshore, near the town of Lisignano, the vessel struck a mine; the ensuing explosion split the vessel into two....
The Liberty Ship Robert Dale Owen
while she’s sailing from Charleston and she was nearly to her destination, Rieka (Croatia), she bumped against a mine sinking and breaking it in three stumps...
The steamer Aderno
Few miles before reaching his destination, Aderno was hit from two or three torpedoes launched by the submarine HMS Torbay and she sunk immediately...

Pilade Bronzetti:
History of a Destroyer.
the significance of the Pilade Bronzetti to Italian history is also tied to her role in “The Fiume Question.” This post-war conflict was to have important consequences for Italy and for the region...